About the 40 Under 40

The way we work has been altered irrevocably in the wake of the pandemic.

Remote work, hybrid models and the Great Resignation are just a few of the developments that have impacted the labor market. Meet this year’s 40 Under 40 class, staffing industry professionals who have helped shape a new world of work. These rising stars have not just helped usher in these monumental changes but are driven to assist people to find the right jobs while leveraging technological advancements to meet market demands and gain new competitive edges for their firms.

Their journeys to staffing are as different as they themselves are. Some had careers before staffing, such as the tech industry, event sales and even the NFL gridiron. Others were recruited straight out of college or had a family connection to the industry. Regardless, these professionals are united by a common goal: to help others. It’s this passion that has inspired them to achieve remarkable success in the ecosystem. Enterprising, driven, goal-oriented — the 2022 40 Under 40 are fueled by connecting people with meaningful work or leading through mentorship, empowering their teams to reach their highest potential — and in the process strengthening communities.

The Staffing Industry 40 Under 40 list does not include vendors to the ecosystem or buyers of staffing services.