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Matthew Kolinski

Founder and CEO, Staffing Management Group | 2023

Matthew Kolinski, an entrepreneur, physician, author and speaker, first became interested in staffing while in college when he wrote résumés…

Rebecca Perrault

Global VP, Culture and Diversity, Magnit | 2023

Rebecca Perrault loves the staffing industry because the ecosystem enables her to focus on her passion, DE&I, from multiple sides. As Ma…

Nisha Manji

VP, S.i. Systems | 2023

With a desire to create positive change in communities through growth and sustainability efforts, Nisha Manji studied international relation…

Jonathan Kone

Head of Sales, LHH Recruitment Solutions, The Adecco Group | 2023

For Jonathan Kone, head of sales for LHH Recruitment Solutions, the ability to help companies solve complex issues drew him to staffing 13 y…

Kristin Doty

Director, Service Implementation, Staffmark Group, RGF Staffing, Recruit Holdings | 2023

With a passion for personal growth matched only by her deep care for others, Kristin Doty has excelled as a driven and compassionate leader.…

Kenny Kadar

President, Coast Medical Service | 2023

Healthcare staffing runs in Kenny Kadar’s family. His mother ran Coast Medical Service from their home since its creation in 1979, and it wa…

Meagan LaRose

Enterprise Operations Manager, Consulting Solutions | 2023

Consulting Solutions Enterprise Operations Manager Meagan LaRose plays a critical part in building operational efficiencies, leading key int…

Phillip Perkins

VP, IT Staffing Solutions, Motion Recruitment | 2023

If it wasn’t for a seemingly innocuous conversation, Phillip Perkins might have never gotten into the staffing industry. “I almost too…

Margaret Walkup

VP, Program and Partnerships, YUPRO Placement | 2023

“Doing this work changed my life,” Margaret Walkup says of her tenure with Yupro Placement, a national staffing firm committed to social goo…

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