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Kenny Kadar

President, Coast Medical Service | 2023

Healthcare staffing runs in Kenny Kadar’s family. His mother ran Coast Medical Service from their home since its creation in 1979, and it wa…

Stefanie Murphy

President, Client Services, and Co-Founder, National Recruiting Consultants | 2023

Since co-founding National Recruiting Consultants in 2021 alongside two friends, Stefanie Murphy, president of client services, has embraced…

Katie Kuhl

VP, Talent Strategy, LRS Healthcare | 2023

Katie Kuhl spent her formative years thinking she was going to be a doctor, but while working in a medical research lab, she realized she wa…

Diego de Haro Ruiz

CEO, US, Job&Talent | 2023

Diego de Haro Ruiz didn’t imagine a life working in staffing while he was growing up in Madrid, Spain — in fact, he intended to become an en…

Brittany Lidgett

Former VP, Compliance and Quality Assurance, Fusion Medical Staffing | 2023

Having worked from all angles within the medical staffing industry, Brittany Lidgett, VP of compliance and quality assurance at Fusion Medic…

Parth Bhakta

Founder and CEO, Vivian Health | 2023

Like most young professionals, Parth Bhakta wanted to make an impact in the world. He did not seek out medical staffing, but as he observed …

Kristian Rayner

Director, Enterprise Sales, MBO Partners | 2023

In the world of staffing, where change is the only constant, Kristian Rayner, director of enterprise sales for MBO Partners, remains captiva…

Amanda Marciniak

Director, Learning and Development, SSi People | 2023

As the director of learning and development for SSi People, Amanda Marciniak has a thoughtful and intentional way of teaching and coaching. …

Phillip Perkins

VP, IT Staffing Solutions, Motion Recruitment | 2023

If it wasn’t for a seemingly innocuous conversation, Phillip Perkins might have never gotten into the staffing industry. “I almost too…

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