Jessica Ashcraft

Director, Strategic Marketing, Beeline | 2017

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As director of strategic marketing for Beeline, Jessica Ashcraft has helped transform the way vendor management systems are marketed in the industry. Ashcraft has been working in the staffing industry, as a marketing and corporate branding guru, for the past 10 years. Following college, she joined Adecco Group (formerly MPS Group) in Jacksonville, Fla. In 2012, Ashcraft worked extensively on the global rebranding project for Beeline, a subsidiary of Adecco Group. Immediately following the success of the rebrand, she joined Beeline as a senior marketing manager, helping to establish the marketing department and implementing the company’s first marketing automation program. After becoming head of marketing, she led her team not just in generating revenue for Beeline but also creating what is arguably the most recognized VMS brand in the world.

“Humanizing your brand is key,” Ashcraft says. “It has to be relatable and credible. What story do you want your brand to tell, and why should that matter to your audience? If you can determine that, then you are on your way to something great.” What motivates her? “Knowing that companies utilize our software to help put thousands of people to work every single day, and my incredible colleagues … we have the best team out there!”