Adam Svet

CEO, Eastridge Workforce Solutions | 2018

Adam Svet has worked at Eastridge since he was eight years old, but his father’s sudden illness in 2013 — Robert Svet, Eastridge’s founder and CEO for 43 years, passed away in 2017 — pushed him into a leadership role and he has since charted a new path for the workforce solutions company.

With his brother Jason Svet, who heads the workforce management and workforce technology divisions, Adam guided Eastridge through the transition from a founder-operated organization to one led by a professional leadership team. He now focuses on people and culture, and making the appropriate “big decisions” for the company. And it’s a big change for him. “As CEO, I don’t do anything anymore,” he says. “I was so used to doing things, and now I have to work with people to actually get things done.” But the strategy is working, and in the past two years he has enhanced the company’s management practices, increased employee engagement, and improved financial performance.

Svet is now building out international service centers for Eastridge, with both a London-based European service center and a Singapore-based APAC service center expected to be up and running by the end of this year. The centers will enable Eastridge staff to provide account management, employer of record services, MSP services, and Eastridge’s cloud technology solutions to clients’ accounts worldwide.